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At Rum Tum Tugger’s Nursery we pride ourselves on our excellent support and interactions with families. We recognise that effective communication starts from the very first visit where staff will take the time to form relationships with each child and their family. We strive to learn about individual routines and interests on which we base their care. By liaising with parents and carers we can plan a series of visits to settle your child in to the setting. Once in nursery we use a diary system to record your child’s day in nursery, and for you to pass on any messages to staff.

Every family is made to feel welcome with our friendly and approachable environment. We treat all visitors, families and children with respect and embrace differences and celebrate the diversity in our community.

To help children feel included and part of our community, staff and children wear sweat shirts and polo shirts which display the Rum Tum Tugger’s kitten. These are available in either red or blue from our local supplier.

Each child is assigned a Key Person who works closely with the children, recording and assessing their progress and achievements along the way. Development folders are updated regularly giving you an excellent understanding of your child’s learning journey. This in turn is passed on to your child’s reception class teacher to ease their transition to school.

Praise is often the fuel for child development. We reward every effort, every form of participation and examples of good behaviour with encouraging words and praise. We promote independence at meal times, in the bathroom and in dressing, boosting confidence with praise every step of the way. The Early Years Foundation Stage promotes child led learning, but recognises the need to balance them with adult initiated activities. We use this framework to help us to plan our sessions for your child. Parents and carers want to be sure that their children are learning while at nursery and our ethos of learning through play is reflected in our daily planning. We use a range of activities including messy play, cooking, music, dance, group games and creative art as well as a free flow outdoors area to give your child the best opportunities to gain independence, grow and learn while exploring and having fun. Children are always given the chance to practice and consolidate their learning.