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April, 2014

February Invoice

16 February, 2016. posted in Everyday.

Apologies, there seems to have been a slight issue with invoicing this month. Many of you have not received yours as of yet.
Jil is going to resend all invoices to ensure that everyone has received one.
Please don’t worry if you receive a second invoice, this doesn’t mean you have been invoiced again.

Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused


11 September, 2015. posted in Everyday.

The school have informed me that they will be going live with the new entry system on Monday.
Please find below instructions for entry and exit.
1. Drive up to the scanner on your right and press the buzzer that says Rum Tum Tugger’s Nursery. This should connect to us and when you give your name you will be let in by our staff. The red light should turn green and the gates should open.
2. Drive through the gates and they should close automatically behind you.
3. When leaving as you approach the yellow line on the floor the gates should automatically open. Please wait for them to be fully open before driving through them. They should close automatically behind you.
4. You must buzz yourself in and out. Do not attempt to follow another car through as the gates may close on your car and neither the Nursery or the school will be held responsible for any damage caused.

1. Enter the site by the left hand gate. Press the button marked Rum Tum Tugger’s Nursery and this should connect to the nursery. A member of staff will let you in. The gate should automatically open and close behind you.
2. When you leave there is a large green exit button on the black post by the gate. Press the button and the gate should open and automatically close behind you.
3. In order to meet our safeguarding requirements you must not allow anyone you do not know to enter the site with you. They must buzz in to be given access.
I am hoping this will be a smooth transition but please bear with us if there are any teething problems. If you do experience any difficulties please let me know so that I can feed this back to the school.


1 April, 2015. posted in Everyday.

We are so “egg-cited” to tell you all that we have a very special arrival on Tuesday 14th April……. chicks!
The children will help us to care for the eggs in the incubator and watch them hatch!

Easter Closures

25 March, 2015. posted in Everyday.

Please remember that we are closed Good Friday (3rd April) and Easter Monday (6th April)

We re-open as usual on Tuesday 7th April



Autism Awareness Week

25 March, 2015. posted in Everyday.

Autism Awareness Week
As part of our Autism Awareness Week we have lots of activities planned.

Friday 27th March: Messy sensory play day.

Monday 30th March: Cake making

Tuesday 31st March: Sponsored walk around school field ( collection tins will be available in nursery rooms for any spare change)

Wednesday 1st April: Onesie Wednesday ( all children can wear their onesies/ PJ’s if they wish to)

Thursday 2nd April: Sensory bottle making day!


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