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The Development of Self Awareness

24 June, 2008. posted in Children's Art Gallery, Everyday, Learning.

bear-1The pictures here show the results of an art acitivity that the Mungojerries did recently. These children vary in age from 24 to 36 months. The aim of the activity was to put together a collage of a bears face from pieces of pre-cut paper.

Following a brief description of the aim, the children were allowed to freely interpret the idea. The results show that during this interesting stage of development, children learn about self image and can relate the idea of eyes, ears, nose and mouth into a 2 dimensional form.

From this activity, the key workers at Rum Tum Tugger’s Nursery, Harlow learn where children are in developing these skills and plan to include other activities to promote self awareness. These may include games with mirrors, opportunities to look at and talk about photos of themselves and other people, and traditional singing games like “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” .

At present, this falls into the Birth to Three Matters Framework, A Strong Child – A Sense of Belonging. Later this year, the new Early Years Foundation Stage comes into play and these same ideals fall within the Learning and Development Theme and the Physical Development Aspect. 











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