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Food and Drink Policy

10 June, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Food and Drinks Policy


Rum Tum Tugger’s provide a diet which encourages healthy eating. All meals are prepared on site by staff holding a relevant Foundation Certificate in Food Handling. We adhere to all storage and cooking instructions found on food labels and packaging.


We ensure that:


  • When freezing foods the date is written clearly on the original packaging
  • Fridge and freezer temperatures are logged daily and weekly
  • All foods are kept in original packaging
  • Any foods found past their use by date or look/smell unusual is discarded.
  • Any opened foods are kept in airtight containers and cleaned once empty
  • Drinks are provided throughout the day for both children and staff
  • All foods are purchased from a supermarket or Ashlyns Farm
  • Meats are probed to ensure cooked throughout
  • Meat temperatures are recorded
  • Frozen foods are defrosted thoroughly
  • Fresh and cooked meats are kept separately.
  • Special dietary requirements and allergies are recorded, with each staff member having a copy.
  • Each child has a personalised place mat indicating food preferences, intolerances, and allergies
  • Special foods are placed on different plates to ensure they go to the correct child.
  • Medicines are stored away from nursery foods
  • Menus are devised to be low salt and low allergen
  • Where possible, milk and vegetables are organic
  • Menus are reviewed seasonally
  • Food is handed about permanent members of staff
  • Staff may only have plastic bottles of water in the nursery rooms
  • Staff may only consume food during breaks
  • No chewing gum is permitted in nursery
  • Staff are asked not to eat food purchased for the children without permission
  • Children’s teeth are cleaned after lunch


Reviewed May 2008

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