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Exclusion Periods for Communicable Diseases

5 June, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Exclusion Periods for Communicable Disease/Illness

 The minimum periods for exclusion from the nursery are listed below:

 Disease/Illness                                          Exclusion Period

 Any symptoms requiring antibiotics     First 2 days at home

Increased temperature                              24 hours

Vomiting                                                     24 hours

Conjunctivitis                                            2 days or thereafter when

                                                                     eyes are dry

Diarrhoea                                                   24 hours from last soft stool

Chickenpox                                                Until blisters are dry

Gastro-enteritis/food poisoning            As directed by GP

Infectious hepatitis                                  7 days from onset of jaundice

Measles                                                     7 days from onset of rash

Mengococcal Infection                           Until fully recovered

Mumps                                                      7 days from onset, swelling

                                                                     must go

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)                21 days from onset

Rubella (German Measles)                      4 days from onset of rash

Scarlet Fever                                             Until treatment is finished

Tuberculosis                                             When cleared by GP

Typhoid Fever                                          When cleared by GP

Impetigo                                                     Until skin has healed

Pediculosis (Lice)                                    On completion of treatment

Ringworm                                                 Until cured

Scabies                                                     Until treatment is


Colds, influenza                                     Until temperature returns

                                                                  to normal and symptoms


Roseola                                                    Until temperature returns

                                                                  to normal.


Reviewed May 2009 HMB          













2 Responses to “Exclusion Periods for Communicable Diseases”

  1. Eleanor Wood says:

    Could this be printed off and put on the nursery door for all parents to see?

  2. hayley says:

    We’ve had it on the door in the past but generally parents need the information at home. We thought this would be one of the benefits of the blog. Do you feel we are ready to go live? HMB

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