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Medication Policy and Exclusion Periods for Communicable Disease/Illness Policy Review

24 November, 2010. posted in Everyday.

We have recently reviewed our Medication Policy and Exclusion Periods for Communicable Disease/ Illness Policy.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to talk to me.

Many thanks for your support


Nursery Manager

Medication Policy


All issues relating to a child’s health and welfare will be treated in confidence and with due respect to equality of access and opportunity.


Sick Child


  • Should a child become poorly whilst at nursery, their symptoms will be monitored and recorded
  • If the child exhibits a high temperature, parents will be contacted by telephone and advised of the situation. If permission is received, Calpol will be administered and a medication record completed
  • If a child vomits, has diahorrea, headlice, conjunctivitis or any other infectious condition, arrangements will be made for the child to be collected as quickly as possible
  • Whilst waiting for collection, the child will be removed from the main body of the nursery and made comfortable. Symptoms will be regularly reviewed and recorded
  • If the child is distressed, a member of staff will remain with them until they are collected
  • Following confirmed cases of infectious diseases in the setting, a notice to all parents/carers will be placed on the notice board
  • It is important that parents keep us up to date with changes in contact information. The nursery will request an up-date of contact information every six months.


Administration of Medicine


Administration of prescribed medicine only during nursery hours is carried out on parental request in writing through a medication slip, with the exception of any appropriate Antibiotic eye drops which can be purchased over the counter.  The nursery cannot be held liable for any reaction following the administration of medicine.

  • Parents must provide the nursery with full dosage and administration information as well as a complete list of side effects. It is especially important to provide accurate details of previous doses.
  • The administration of medicine will be recorded on a medication slip and stored for parents to counter-sign
  • All medicine’s brought into nursery must be in original containers clearly labelled with the child’s name
  • Where appropriate, medicines will be stored in the fridge otherwise it will be stored in a place inaccessible to children
  • A parent must demonstrate self-held medication with the childWhere the administration of medication requires technical/medical knowledge, parent/carers must provide individual training for staff from a qualified health professional. This is specific for the individual child.
  • Parents must sign pre-consent forms for symptom based drugs such as Ventolin or Epipens
  • Skin creams, including sun cream and, should be applied at home. Where a child attends for a full day, cream will be re-applied at parental request. Creams are to be supplied clearly labelled with the child’s name. Applications of these preparations will be made sensitively and with due respect to the child’s privacy.


Exclusion Periods for Communicable Disease/Illness

The minimum periods for exclusion from the nursery are listed below. Please note that in order to maintain anonymity for children and families within the setting and to meet the terms of our confidentiality policy, you may not be informed if there is a child attending nursery who has a communicable disease or illness.   Although these are a guideline, cases of exclusion are at the managers discretion.

Disease/Illness and the Exclusion Periods.

Any symptoms requiring antibiotics

First 24 hours at home


Increased temperature

24 hours, until temperature has decreased



48 hours from last episode of vomiting



Until treatment commences. However if an outbreak should occur you may be required to keep your child at home until all symptoms have ceased



48 hours from last episode of Diarrhoea



Until blisters are dry and 5 days from onset of rash


Gastro- enteritis/food poisoning

As directed by GP


Infectious Hepatitis

7 days from onset of jaundice



5 days from onset of swelling


Mengococal Infection

Until fully recovered



5 days from onset of swelling


Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

5 days from commencing antibiotic, or 21 days from onset of illness if no antibiotic treatment


Rubella (German Measles)

6 days from onset of rash


Scarlet Fever

Child can return 24 hours after commencing appropriate antibiotic treatment



When cleared by GP. Consult local HPA


Typhoid Fever

When cleared by GP



Until skin has healed or 48 hours after commencing antibiotic treatment


Pediculosis (Lice)




Until treated



Can return after first treatment


Influenza/cold symptoms

Until temperature returns to normal and symptoms have subsided





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