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Wednesday 27th October 2010- Formula Milk Policy

27 October, 2010. posted in Everyday.

Formula Milk Policy


At Rum Tum Tugger’s Nurseries, we are committed to ensuring a high standard of Health and Safety when preparing, storing and feeding formula milk.


It is our preference that bottles of formula milk are made up at the nursery ensuring that children receive the milk at its freshest.


Parents should provide the nursery with measured, cooled and labelled bottle of water and measured quantities of formula powder to be made up as needed. Alternatively parents can leave a tin of labelled formula milk powder in the setting.


Should a parent wish to bring in bottles that have been made up at home, it is their responsibility to ensure that they have been “fast cooled” at home and are clearly labelled. All bottles of milk and water brought in must be adequately refrigerated in the nursery.


We have a variety of bottles and teats in the nursery which parents may choose to use. These are sterilized as per manufacturer’s instructions.


Reviewed by JMP October 2010

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