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Equipment and Resources Policy

26 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Equipment and Resources Policy


It is essential that children play with not only safe, clean toys but those that are appropriate for their age and stage of development. Each room leadre has a wish list of toys and equipment they would like the children to have access to whether it is for a topic or free play, staff add to this all year round and is referred to when buying new equipment.


We ensure that toys and equipment are:


  • Cleaned on a regular basis
  • Baby toys are sterilized on a regular basis
  • Appropriate for the age and stage of the children
  • Purchased from a reputable company
  • Toys are made of a variety of stimulating materials including natural and organic items
  • Toys can be made from every day items
  • Checked regularly to ensure they are in good, safe working order.
  • If any equipment is found to be faulty, unsafe or inappropriate staff will remove them from the setting.
  • Children should be allowed to explore new toys and equipment to fully understand the purpose and limitations
  • Dressing up clothes, home corner and role play equipment should represent a range of cultures and lifestyles
  • Outdoor play equipment is well maintained
  • Outdoor play equipment represents a range of challenges other than physical challenges
  • Passed the appropriate standards set. (Lion mark)


Reviewed May 2008


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