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Equal Opportunities, Race and Culture Policy

26 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.


Equal Opportunities, Race and Culture Policy


At Rum Tum Tugger’s Nurseries, we believe that good childcare is neither sexist nor racist nor discriminatory in any way. We believe that it is the right of every worker and every child attending nursery to be treated as an equal and with respect; no religion, sex or culture is perceived to be inherently superior to any other. The total elimination of racism and sexism can only be to the benefit of a child.


Every member of staff and every child attending a Rum Tum Tugger’s nursery is committed to the following protocol as a minimum


  • To actively encourage positive role models, through the use of toys, imaginary play and all other learning methods that promote non-stereotypical images. All play equipment such as books and puzzles will be selected to promote images of men, women, boys and girls, different religions, races, able-bodied and disabled characters.
  • To actively promote equality of opportunity
  • To challenge individuals (both children and staff) who do not promote equality of opportunity
  • To combat any racial abuse, reporting incidents to the nursery manager who will decide the appropriate course of action
  • To encourage every child to participate in every activity including but not limited to, dressing up, home corner, messy play, construction, climbing on large apparatus, bikes and cars
  • To recognise that preconceived ideas relating to gender and sexism are abundant within the English Language and to challenge such language where appropriate
  • To acknowledge the diversity of religious practices, customs and festivals and to provide opportunities for all users to share in these whenever possible
  • To demonstrate a respect for age and to prevent wherever possible,  the utilisation of age as a barrier to employment or activity


Recruiting staff for a Rum Tum Tugger’s Nursery will be done on the basis of skill and suitability not age, sex, race, creed, religion, physical ability, sexuality or marital status.

All potential staff candidates are issued with an Equal Opportunities Policy prior to interview for any post within the nursery team.


Reviewed May 2008


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