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Christmas Events And Activities

2 December, 2009. posted in Events, Everyday.

The children at Rum Tum Tugger’s have been spending lots of time learning all their Christmas songs for our Christmas Carol Concert on Thursday 17th December starting at 4.15pm. We will have some displays of the children’s Christmas art work for you to see in the nursery and we are hoping to be read  us a Christmas story. There will be mince pies and wine for parents after the concert.

A short reminder for everyone that we have the children’s Christmas party on Monday 21st December if you haven’t already had the chance, please take a look at our party food list and chose an item to bring with you on the day. If your child attends nursery on this day you are welcome to join us for the festivities if you want to. If your child does not attend on Monday’s please ensure that there is a responsible adult to stay with your child for the duration of the party.

Thank you to everyone who has added a Christmas decoration to our tree in the front lobby, it looks fantastic with all the children’s work on it. If you would like to send Christmas cards to the children we have a post box next to the Christmas tree. The children in the Rumpleteasers room will be taking it in turns to be the post worker.

5 Responses to “Christmas Events And Activities”

  1. Lisa Hatton says:

    Hi Laura, could you clarify when the christmas concert and party is. I was told the concert was on Tuesday 21st December the same day as the christmas party?

  2. Amanda says:

    The Christmas concert and the party is on Tuesday 21st December. The concert starts at 3pm, then we will all make our way back to the nursery, from the school hall, to start the party!
    Hope to see you there!
    Take care

  3. Lisa Hatton says:

    Thank you. Thats great as thats the day we have booked off! Look forward to seeing you there. Lisa.

  4. Tracy Childs says:

    This is confusing, it relates back to 2010 but you only realise that when readng the responses, can a date with the year be entered?

  5. Rum Tum says:

    I dont knwo how this has happened. I will look into it and sort ASAP.
    The most recent posts are on the main blog page.

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