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Complaints Procedure

18 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Complaints Procedure


At Rum Tum Tugger’s Nurseries, we encourage parents to take a healthy interest in their child’s well-being whilst they are in our care. We also ask parents/carers to come forward and voice their concerns or criticisms to us. We believe that a strong working relationship with all parents/carers can only serve to reinforce the positive standards we set for the care that we provide.


When a parent/carer has a complaint, the following procedure will be adopted:


  • When a parent raises a complaint about the setting verbally, in writing or by email, the matter will be recorded in the Complaints Log
  • The record will be shown to a member of the management team, who will take responsibility for the analysis and review of the matter.
  • A written acknowledgement will be passed back to the parent/carer within 48 hours which will also explain the handling process and set a timescale for review
  • The matter will be fully investigated, gathering information from all parties involved
  • Analysis of information will culminate in a programme of actions that will rectify the issue.
  • An agenda of action will be provided for the parent/carers information and involvement if appropriate
  • An opportunity for review will be established


If a parent is not satisfied with the nursery’s resolution, they can make the matter known to Ofsted. The address for this region is:


Ofsted Early Years                                         Telephone 08456 404040

National Business Unit

Royal Exchange Buildings

St Ann’s Square


M2 7LA


Reviewed March 2008, Hayley Martin-Burns, Director



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