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Child Safety & Security Policy

18 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Child Safety & Security Policy


The children’s safety is paramount to all other issues. Any actions carried out by a member of staff will reflect the significance of this fact at all times.


Staff and parent/carers are to ensure that at all times:


  1. All entrances and exits to the nursery building and premises are closed and secured when not in use.
  2. All external gates are closed and secured when not in use.
  3. All visitors will be signed in and out of the visitors book.
  4. All visitors will be supervised whilst on the premises
  5. All visitors to nursery will remove shoes or wear shoe covers whilst in the building.
  6. Children must be handed into the care of a member of the staff team, inside the building.
  7. A child’s presence and time of arrival in nursery must be immediately signed into the register.
  8. The register must also be up-dated to show the time when a child leaves the nursery.
  9. Children will only be released into the care of a nominated collector. Collectors other than parents must be nominated in writing and should be able to give the password stated on a child’s enrolment form. Children will not be released into the care of a minor unless in exceptional circumstances and with prior permission.
  10. If a member of staff has any doubt about the identity of a collector, they will be asked to wait outside of the building whilst there identity is established via the parent/carer.
  11. Children over the age of 24 months are asked to wear uniform at all times. This is particularly important during nursery outings.


Reviewed May 2008




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