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Safe Recruitment Policy

3 March, 2009. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Safe Recruitment Policy


Recruitment, selection and vetting checks


Staff are recruited through Job agencies and adverts through appropriate publications. Current staff can apply for positions within the setting.


All suitable candidates will be invited to an initial office interview. All candidates will be provided, at interview, with a Job description that includes reference to the responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children in the setting. The Job description will include a person specification with a specific reference to working with children. All candidates will be expected to provide an up to date C.V. and where relevant a National Record of Achievement along with evidence of training and qualifications. They will be asked about previous employment history and any disciplinary action, allegation or concerns about their suitability for employment. Gaps in employment will need to be explained and verified.

Al l candidates will be expected to provide contact details of two independent professional and character references to obtain confirmation of the applicant’s suitability to work including any disciplinary action, allegation or concerns. These should include at least one previous employer.


All candidates will be assessed on set questions relevant to the position they are applying for including EYFS. Their responses will be marked against pre recorded answers. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed in writing.

Successful candidates will be asked to attend a second interview where they will spend time with the children and where appropriate provide and carry out a lesson plan suitable for a group of children of a nominated age group. They will also be asked to evaluate their performance.

Candidates will be marked against predetermined criteria to help determine the best candidate for the position. Unsuccessful candidates will be informed in writing.

Successful candidates will be asked to provide proof of identification and residence including photographic evidence, a copy of which will be held in their personnel file.  (Driving license, Passport, utility bill etc)

Successful candidates will be required to complete and update as necessary a health questionnaire which includes physical capability for the job.

Successful candidates will be required to complete a successful Criminal Records Bureau enhanced disclosure. The number and date of this will be kept in the candidates personnel file. If necessary the setting will request a List 99 from Capita while the CRB clearance is being processed.


If the Candidate is not a UK resident they will be required to provide proof that they are entitled to reside and work in the UK.

A record showing that all checks have been carried out will be held on the single central record (register) and updated as necessary.


Revised December 2008 by Jil Pascale

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