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Moving Up Policy

25 February, 2009. posted in Everyday, Policies and Procedures.

Change in Policy on Moving Up


At present, children move on to their next rooms in their birth month. Whilst this seems the most obvious way to undertake this exercise, it presents certain draw backs. Firstly, from a business point of view, there are constant changes in our admission sheets and invoicing. Secondly, from a child’s perspective, this can mean that they makes this transition without the emotional anchor of a friend. Thirdly, each month there are children needing additional adult support as the transition takes place.


Jil and I have been in discussion with the room leaders about ways to improve these crucial stages of nursery development. The suggestion has been made that children should move up as a group with those children whose birthdays fall within the same academic term. This is best explained in the table below.


Birth Month

Settling In

Begin in New Room

January, February, March



April, May, June, July, August



September, October, November, December




In making this change, we have improved on the transition experience for the child by allowing them the increased emotional security of being with their friends. It enables easier administration of admissions and is a more effective use of human resources. It does pose one problem whereby, some parents/carers may feel that their child is ready to move on but is being held back by waiting for the next block transition. Jil and I have always promoted the individuality of our service and this still remains crucial to the way children develop at Rum Tum Tugger’s. As a result, if a child’s developmental needs were no longer being met, then they would move on accordingly.


Fees would still change with birth month and funding would still work in line with our existing policy.

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