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Behaviour Management Policy

16 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.

Behaviour Management Policy


At Rum Tum Tugger’s Nurseries, we promote good behaviour by valuing cooperation and demonstrating a caring attitude. With good role models, children develop into responsible members of society.


Behaviour Framework


In order to create a framework for good behaviour, it is important to consider the following


  • Children need a structure within which they have the freedom to choose and experiment
  • Children appreciate explanations and should always be given a reason for an answer
  • All members of staff should be consistent in the maintenance of appropriate limits of behaviour


Using these ideas as a foundation has lead to the following behaviour policy.


  • We believe in practising an approach that supports the development of a child’s self-discipline and self-esteem
  • We encourage the consideration of other people, both adults and other children, and the respectful use of property and surroundings
  • Staff will always treat children with respect
  • Children will never be smacked, treated roughly, threatened with physical punishment or verbally abused. There are no circumstances in which such punishment can be justified
  • Nursery rules are designed to create a safe, caring and respectful environment. Children who behave inappropriately, whether physically or verbally bullying, will be temporarily removed from the vicinity of the incident and will discuss the matter and its consequences. The adult present will confirm to the child that it is the behaviour that is unacceptable and not the child themselves.
  • Any behaviour problems will be handled in a developmentally appropriate fashion, respecting individual children’s level of understanding and maturity.
  • Parent/carers will be informed if a child persistently exhibits unkind behaviour to others or if another child or staff member has upset the child. In all cases, inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with during nursery hours. Occasionally, parent/carers may be asked to meet with a Key Person to discuss their child’s behaviour
  • Should a parent/carer have any concern about behaviour or behaviour management, they are free to speak with their child’s Key Person or a member of the management team. Should it be appropriate, please refer to the nursery Complaints Procedure.
  • The nursery team regularly reviews behaviour management and receives appropriate training from both in-house and external training bodies.



Jil Pascale is the nominated person for Behaviour Management.


Reviewed May 2008



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