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What is a Learning Journey Anyway?

10 February, 2014. posted in Everyday.

A learning journey is a special book that has pictures, art work and notes on your child’s progress. The staff make it a point to record at least one observation of your child’s progress against the early learning outcomes, every single week.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to add their comments and observations in order to gain a fuller picture of the child’s development and progress.

Your child’s learning journey is always available for you to look at and add your own observations. We provide wow-cards and slips, pens & sticks of glue that you can use, but you are welcome to use your own.

The Mini-Challenge: At home, I…

1. For this week, make a note of some of your child’s favorite things to do or say, or people.

2. Fill in the blank for your child on a wow-card (include a photo or a drawing to go into the learning journey).

3. Put this in your child’s learning journey.

Enjoy your week of discovery, see you again on the blog next Monday.


Early Years Teacher trainee


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