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Project Igloo, Plans Underway

16 September, 2008. posted in Everyday, Learning, Operational Plan.

So I met the Willow Man again today. (And the Willow Lady too!) We’ve agreed a location for the igloo, a size and agenda for action.

Our igloo will be of a 3m diameter. The dome will have a maximum height of about 6ft to allow easy adult access, windows at child level and the entrance will be through a short tunnel. The flooring of the igloo will be play bark.

We have been advised not to plant the willow strips this side of the winter to give them the very best chance of survival. Willow Man (his real name is Nick Hanson) will be back in the early spring to begin the planting. In the meantime, we need to dig off the turf to a diameter of 3.1m. If we do it sooner, rather than later, the ground will be nice and soft. If we wait until Spring, it could be like rock.

So far, I’ve had 1 gardening volunteer and 1 dad who has been kindly¬†nominated by another family at nursery! (That’s what friends are for, eh?) Anyone else out there? We could crack it in much less time if we work together…….

In the meantime, I would like to find someone who makes or sells rustic benches for inside the igloo. Any suggestions????


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