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Fatal System Error…….. Aaaarrrrgh!

16 September, 2008. posted in Everyday.

Most of you are aware how much of my day is spent working on the many and varied computer systems that operate behind the scenes at Rum Tum’s.  So I guess you can appreciate the depths of despair reached when the fatal error verdict was given on my machine.

We have had to replace the old lap top based system with 2 new desk top systems. One in the office and one at home. Slowly the systems are coming back on-line and some data was retrieved from the defunct machine. Sage, my accounts package, was partially corrupted but I had emailed a back up to our accountants late in August. I will have to back track and re-do about 2 weeks of work, including the September invoices. Please bear with me as we work this through.

My email account is available to use again, albeit from a remote access web site. But that’s better than nothing I suppose.

It’s not until these machines are gone that we realise how much of our lives are contained on them………

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