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Coming Soon……..Project Igloo

5 September, 2008. posted in Events, Operational Plan.


Despite not having a glorious summer, I’ve often thought our garden space, as large as it is, lacks features and is quite exposed. Trying to find  solutions such as awnings or sunsails were financially challenging. So I went back to the drawing board.

Our needs were to provide an interesting space to use as an out-door room. Offering shade, a little bit of shelter from light rain and wind. And something easy on the eye.

By chance, I got talking to a willow craftsmen at a local church fete and he showed me a photograph of a willow igloo, like the one above. It’s made by weaving together living willow strips, to create a leafy, shady den for the children to play in, make music in, have snacks in, read books in………

So next week, I’ve booked him to come and consider a suitable location for an igloo in our garden. He’s told me already that we will need to remove the top layer of turf ourselves, so if there are any willing parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts etc who are interested in being involved in Project Igloo, please let me know. Bring a spade!

5 Responses to “Coming Soon……..Project Igloo”

  1. Maxine says:

    Hi Hayley

    What a great idea – I love it!

    I have just joined the waiting list for an allotment, so the digging will be good practice!

    Maxine x

  2. hayley says:

    It’s so exciting isn’t it? And this will come inside my budget with the added bonus of watching it grow! Will update you after the meeting.

    Hayley x

  3. Eleanor (Isabelle's Mama) says:

    Looks great, I nominate Ellie’s dad Henry who i hear is a dab hand at gardening!

  4. hayley says:

    Have we shared this news with Henry yet?

  5. Jenny Page says:

    Hayley – only you could get chatting to a “Willow craftsman”!!! Ha Ha…

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