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Emergency Evacuation Procedure

14 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.



Emergency Evacuation Procedure


All Staff Members


On hearing the fire alarm


  • Calmly call children in your care together
  • Visually check the space around you is empty
  • Leave the building via the nearest, safe emergency exit
  • Muster in the place stated on the blue safety posters (opposite the main kitchen at Harlow)
  • Headcount the children in your care, alerting the fire officer if any are missing
  • Remain outside the building until the fire officer deems the premises as safe


Fire Officer


  • Assign the management of the children in your care to another member of staff
  • Collect the registers, visitors book and contact information
  • Sweep through the building to check for children or visitors left behind
  • Ensure that the fire brigade have been alerted
  • Remain outside of the building until a member of the fire authority deems it safe to return
  • During drills, time and record the time taken to clear the premises


Fire Marshals


  • Take charge of the safe evacuation of your room and surrounding areas such as kitchens, toilets and offices
  • Put on the fluorescent jackets stored by the emergency exits
  • Check all spaces are empty by shouting clearly “There is a fire, is any one in there?” and making a visual check
  • Assist anyone with limited mobility in your area to the meeting point
  • Once you are sure that your area is clear, leave the building and join your group at the meeting point. Liaise with the fire services and advise your team when the all clear is given


Contingency Plan


  • In the event of a real emergency, retrieve the Emergency Kit from the shed. If this is locked, then break the window or door as required. Issue foil blankets to all children. Assign the erection of the tents to a competent adult. Begin the call around to all families. Speak only to the person who answers the phone saying “There has been an emergency evacuation at Rum Tum Tugger’s Nursery. Please inform Mr /Mrs/Ms …………………….  that they need to make immediate collection arrangements and hang up. Try to avoid getting into conversation. Be fast and concise to save telephone battery and time. Administer rations as necessary. Sign out each child as they leave your care. No staff can leave the premises until every child is collected and accounted for.


Reviewed May 2008


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