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Ever heard of an Early Years Professional??

18 August, 2008. posted in Everyday.

My guess is that unless you work in education the phrase “Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)” is a new one to you. The government is investing in raising the standard of early years education. One tactic they are using is creating a career pathway in this area of learning, that will attract high calibre students and professionals. Last year they introduced EYPS, a graduate level assessment for nursery practioners.

By 2010, all Children’s Centre will be lead by an EYP. By 2015 every full daycare setting must also be lead by an EYP.

EYPS is awarded to people who can demonstrate that they meet a set of national, graduate-level Standards when working with children from birth to five. The EYP standards set out the knowledge, understanding, skills and other professional attributes needed for the delivery of high quality services for children.

I’m pleased to say that last summer, I was amongst the first Essex practitioners to be accredited with this status. Jil is close on my heels and should have completed her assessment this summer. Because of her health, this has been temporarlily postponed.

I’ve found a couple of quotes that might give a clearer picture of the benefits to a setting of having an EYPS practitioner on board.

Children’s Workforce Development Council

” EYPS will be trained to:

  • be skilled and effective practitioners;
  • work as part of the team of skilled and committed people working with children in early years settings and wider children’s services;
  • take responsibility for leading and managing play, care and learning; and
  • have a secure and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of early years practice with children from birth to five.       “

Jane Haywood, Chief Executive, Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC)

“EYPS will help ensure that our children get the best possible start in life. By ensuring that those working with children have access to high qulaity training we can raise both the status of early years and the quality of care children receive”

After almost ten years running and owning a nursery, it is a joy and a relief to hear that the government place such value on the importance of high quality early education and care. It is also a delight that Rum Tum Tugger’s is leading the way in Harlow by having EPYS in place and by encouraging other staff members to undertake other graduate studies. My EYPS status has unlocked funding that has allowed Laura Boultwood to study for a Foundation Degree In Early Years. She is just about to start for second year on this programme.



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