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Nursery Security – Parent Comments Needed!

12 August, 2008. posted in Everyday, Operational Plan.

Jil and I have been looking into increasing the access security for nursery. In particular, I have been researching biometric systems.

The package we are looking at would involve installing a finger print reader on the main entrance for access to the baby rooms and another reader on the door to the Rumpleteazers room which would also be the access point for the Mungojerries. (We just couldn’t afford to install a dedicated reader for every room!)

The software would enable those parents/carers registered on the system to have direct access to the nursery. Having positively identified your fingerprint, the door would unlock and you would be able to enter the permises without having to wait for a member of staff to open the door for you. (Significant benefit in weather like this morning.) It also ensures that at peak times, children’s learning and development suffers from less disruption and staff can continue to concentrate on caring for the children.

The software acts as a back up to our register system, recording every visitors time in and time out of the building. It is quick and easy to up date so nominated collectors can be added or taken off accordingly. The front door bell system will be retained for delivieries and collectors nominated at short notice.

The government’s agenda for children “Every Child Matter’s” has an outcome called “Stay Safe” with a special reference to children’s security and protection from mistreatment and accidental injury.

We want to ensure that we have very effective measures that keep our premises secure and prevent children being collected by unauthorised adults. This technology is already used in nurseries across the UK, including the Busy Bees chain and Kids 1st. The comments from Ofsted have been most encouraging and parents suggest it gives greater peace of mind.

So my questions to you are:

Do you think a system like this would improve your peace of mind?

What are the benefits to you of controliing your own point of access?

What would concern you about the system?

Clearly, there is a considerable financial outlay for the equipment and prior to spending, it’s important to know parent/carer views.

Thanks for being involved.

6 Responses to “Nursery Security – Parent Comments Needed!”

  1. Sue says:

    I think this would be a fantastic addition to security as my brother has this at his work and he said that it is fantastic

  2. Jenny Page says:

    This sounds like a great idea. I have no real concerns with the current system but I imagine it is quite a distraction for the staff. If the entry system works well then I believe it would be an improvment. However, what happens when more than one person wants to get in? Do you all just touch the scanner in turn to make sure arrivals are recorded?
    Also, Hayley – my email alerts seem to have stopped I have re-subscribed so I will see if that solves it.

  3. hayley says:

    “Tail gating” is an area where we will need to offer parents guidance. The simplest rule is don’t let anyone through with you, even if you’ve known them for years!

    I’ve mentioned the subscription problems to our web man and I’m waiting for feedback. Has re-subscribing solved the problem?

    Hayley x

  4. Vicky says:

    I am not sure the system would give me any greater peace of mind since the security will always be more superior when a member of staff is individually controlling parents entry and exit. I do however appreciate that this system will reduce the disruption which occurs when staff are continually answering the door at busy times and that is a big advantage.

    One concern would be; How will staff monitor childrens arrival and departure from nursery? For example, this system would potentially allow a child to be taken home when staff were not aware they had left. Equally, a child may be dropped off and staff may not be immediately made aware they have arrived (consequences for staffing ratios?)

  5. hayley says:

    Hi Vicky,

    I raised an eye brow when the salesman did the peace of mind lecture! In ten years of nursery care, stranger danger has only ever been a perceived risk. On the very rare occasion when a complete stranger arrives to collect a child, protocols come into play whilst identity is verified by staff.

    From a management point of view, the minimal interruption is good for staff and children. If we did go ahead with the system, we would need to work with parents to devise the protocols of use, e.g no tail gating, adult to adult handover etc.

    The company use clever marketing to sell these systems. £8 a day sounds fab until you realise that it’s a 5 year agreement. The real cost to nursery is £11k. I know Ofsted think it’s a winner but I need convincing…….

    Thanks for your comments.


  6. Jenny Page says:

    Hi Hayley

    Nope, still not getting email alerts…


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