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Aims and Objectives

14 May, 2008. posted in Policies and Procedures.


Aims and Objectives


At Rum Tum Tugger’s Nurseries we welcome suggestions and feedback from all nursery users, staff, parent/carers and visitors. We strive to maintain the following as a minimum standard.


  • To recognise that a child’s needs and safety are paramount and must override all other considerations.
  • To provide an environment that is not only safe but is also a stimulating and happy place to be.
  • To show understanding and consideration to the statutory guidelines and legal documents that govern childcare
  • To work in partnership with parent/carers, the local authority, Ofsted and other associated groups.
  • To take into consideration a child’s needs arising from race, culture, language, religion and ability.
  • To provide quality care and education.
  • To support children’s families.
  • To create a developmentally suitable programme of activities based on published standards that meet the needs of each individual child.
  • To formulate and encourage equal opportunities for both children and adults.
  • To support staff training courses enabling team members to develop skills and confidence.
  • To pay regards to the Code of Practice for children with special educational needs.



Reviewed February 2008


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